Your Cambridge connection

We know Cambridge people

We are a Cambridge marketing agency and have been delivering targeted marketing solutions in Cambridge for more than 15 years.

Our detailed local knowledge and expertise allows us to craft and implement strategies that take advantage of our position in the area. Our all-inclusive service will design, develop, drive and deliver effective marketing that improves your ROI.

We can effectively tailor very specific marketing for our clients who want to reach a very select group of customers, not only for local SMEs but also for national brands who want to use our knowledge.

National brands frequently rely on our insight into the town, its people and its businesses to give them the information they need to be seen and heard in Cambridge.

Why choose a Cambridge marketing agency?

The value of using a Cambridge marketing agency is that we know where Cambridge people spend their leisure time, how they get their news, where they hear about events, what services they use and how they think. We can help you get under their skin.

Cambridge is a thriving and cosmopolitan community that also attracts a huge number of tourists and overseas visitors, so our thorough local insight can help your business reach a wide customer base as well as an exquisitely selected one. What’s more, everyone at Spirus is an expert in their field, which means all your marketing requirements will be delivered by someone working at the top of their game. We will become an extension to your own in-house team.

The driving force behind Spirus is Jo Riches and Tania Verdonk, who have collectively more than twenty years’ experience in marketing, PR, events and telemarketing. The company was formed when Tania’s telemarketing company Blue Warthog merged with marketing, events and PR consultancy Jo Riches Ltd.

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