12-month Promotional Campaign for a Building Retailer

A client in the building services supply industry wanted to increase sales of a particular product across its 150 nationwide branches, for a twelve month period.  A campaign was devised and put into place:

Point of Sales items were designed, produced and distributed to each branch.  All 150 branches were telephoned to make sure they were aware of the campaign, how it was going to work and what ‘prizes’ they could win.

Using a monthly points system where points were allocated depending on how well they had performed, the branches began to earn points.

Each month, the forty or so winners would be notified and asked to choose from a preselected list of prizes, from electrical goods to experience days.

We would then order or book the prizes they chose, handling all correspondence throughout the process.

Over the 12 month period the client exceeded their targeted increase across 85% of the branches, and by an additional 15% above target overall.