A Sweet Giveaway at an Exhibition

My client, ConsultingTools, had just launched a new website and wanted something for an exhibition that would make them stand out.  Jelly Babies were the obvious choice:

ConsultingTools had recently launched a new website and brochure.  Despite being in the people industry they had decided against using those standard office photos on their website and instead had other people related images like shadows, queues and jelly babies!

They wanted something to take to a forthcoming HR exhibition where they would be one of about 200 exhibitors.  They had a small stand and a very small budget, but they wanted to stand out.  We decided to use the jelly baby theme from their website and brochure as the focus and tasked us with creating a postcard with a small packet of jelly babies attached.

In addition to the postcards, which were handed out, there was a giant bowl of jelly babies on the stand for visitors to top up on.

The promotion was a definite success, and who better to explain than the client:

“Well I can safely the Jelly Babies went down a treat!  We had the whole of HRD talking about them and more importantly us!!  So much so someone referred to me as the “Jelly Baby” lady!!  I took this in a positive way!  They proved to be a really good conversation starter as everyone wants to share with you their favourite colour, how they like to eat the head/toes first etc….! A good job well done!”

Everyone just loves jelly babies!