Brand consistency: four reasons why it matters

Brand consistency: four reasons why it matters – there are some very simple factors why it is vital to maintain consistency in branding – and they can all impact on your sales. When we talk about brand consistency, it means giving your business a stable identity; a recognisable look and feel so that customers can understand who you are.

Your brand is a collection of your company’s attributes, including your values, unique selling points, goods, services, quality and place in the market. A brand should reflect your core values in everything that you do, from your advertising through to your customer service. Maintaining a consistent brand identity helps your customers to build a relationship with your company and pick you out from the crowd.

Brand consistency – avoiding confusion

The main purpose for being strict with your brand identity is so that your customers are not confused. They need to know they are dealing with the right business – not just one with a similar name. Using wildly different branding on websites, letterheads, advertising and brochures – for instance – could prevent your customers from recognising that all the information came from your business, not someone similar or a competitor. Your brand should tell customers what your core product is and set you apart from the competition.

Brand consistency – reputation and investment

If you have a great reputation, you don’t want a similar sounding company to benefit from that. You want to reap those rewards for your own company. When customers can easily recognise your brand they also remember the great reputation for brilliant products and services that goes with it. What’s more, any money you have invested in marketing could be wasted if customers are unable to link your logo or marketing materials to your company because they keep changing.

Equally, when a company that sounds a bit like yours has a terrible reputation – you don’t want to be tarnished by their brush. Brand consistency eliminates the issue of brand confusion.

Brand consistency – repeat business

Also, if a former customer liked buying from you and wants to deal with you again, they need to know they have found the right people.

Brand consistency – building customer confidence

Consistent branding shows the rest of the world that you are in control, take your business seriously and know what you are trying to say. A business whose branding keeps changing or does not match up in different formats, such as adverts and signage, will make customers worried that you won’t provide them with good service. If your branding is consistent you look legitimate. You want your branding to look cohesive and professional so people don’t assume you are amateurs.

How do I keep my brand consistent?

1: Lock down your logo.

Design an effective logo that can be used in a small variety of formats (long or square, for example). Find out more about this in our recent blog (link).

2: Choose key colours.

Use a corporate colour palette in your logo and all marketing materials, with just a few harmonising shades. Stick to these religiously and they customers will recognise them as your company’s colours.

3: Decide on image style.

Use a consistent style for images. Decide early on whether all your photos will be colourful, brightly lit and full of smiling faces, or action shots in earthy tones, or ethereal images in washed out tones. Choose one style and stick with it – your materials will feel much more consistent. You may even choose to use illustrations, but just go for one style – whether it be cartoon or watercolours.

4: Develop a corporate voice.

Whether you are matey or authoritative, your corporate tone needs to remain stable. Don’t swing between different types of corporate voice or you will lose customer trust. They want to know what they are getting when they deal with you. Don’t pull the rug out from under them by being inappropriate or off-brand.

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