Re-energise your marketing this autumn

The start of the school year is always a time for new beginnings and starting new projects. That’s why Spirus have put together a special package to help your business re-energise your marketing this autumn.

Thinking about marketing doesn’t make it happen. It’s time to make a start, otherwise it will be the run up to Christmas before you know it. In fact, the most organised businesses know this is a perfect time of year to increase your sales and profile.

Our three-month marketing master plan will take you from post-holiday slump to raring to go. We are offering a mix of hard-hitting marketing activities that will give your business the biggest possible boost in a short time frame. The package starts from just £499 +VAT per month for three months and you can choose one per month from a selection of business development, content or social media options.

Re-Energise Your Marketing – Business Development Options

Perhaps you would like to get in touch with lapsed clients to see if they can become loyal customers again, or maybe you need some new sales calls or market research. Our in house, talented and professional team can make contact for you. The business development options in this package cover all of these needs. What’s more, we only operate in an ethical and legal way with our sales calls, so our work enhances your reputation.
Read our Responsible Telemarketers’ Charter.

Re-energise Your Social Media – Options

On the other hand, you may have let your social media slide over the holidays. We can gain you new followers on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as well as engaging with your loyal customers. If you want us to take over the running of your accounts, listening and responding to followers or simply scheduling posts so you have a presence every day – let us know.

Re-energise Your Content  – Options

If you want to launch a new product or service or in time for Christmas and need a press release, we have the writers and media contacts to get you noticed.

We can also supply blogs, case studies, testimonials, PR plans and even review the content of your website.

Pick one of these activities per month from the list below:

New sales calls / Lapsed clients / Proposal follow ups / Market research

Blog / Case studies / Articles / Press releases / Testimonials / Content plan / Copy assessment / Web review

Instagram / Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn

*Terms and conditions apply

Get in touch on 01636 741830 to find out more or email

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Get great PR by finding the stories in your business


Do you ever wonder why the press release you sent out didn’t make it into the media? Often the reason is you didn’t have a great story that would make editors sit up and take notice.

Great Media Coverage – The secret ingredients

Our in-house experts have experience of working for magazines, newspapers and in PR for more than 20 years.  The good news is we can help you find those stories in your business that will create excellent media coverage. In our experience, the best stories that people will want to share all have the same few secret ingredients. Stories that receive the best coverage are something new that the reader has not heard before, they are relevant to their lives and often affect a lot of people. Other important ingredients include emotional impact, quirkiness, controversy, nostalgia or humour.

Your business has a story

You may be surprised to learn that your key messages, campaign and your organisation will often NOT be the story. But you can find a way to get visibility which includes these, just by finding a good news story about something happening in your business.

With our tips, your press release will make it to the top of the pile. We know the kind of news that journalists and editors want, as well as having the right contacts to place your stories with the best publications.

Sit down with us for an hour or two and we can map out a series of stories from your business that will get you noticed over the next few months. To find out more, contact us on 01638 741830 or drop a line to

5 ways a CRM will improve your sales calls

CRM systems can turn your sales calls from so-so to memorable and meaningful. The CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and in order to build better relationships with your customers it is well worth investing in this software.

Used properly by your team, the CRM will be a brilliant tool for storing every scrap of information you have about clients and potential leads. Of course a CRM system is only effective if everyone uses it. If you do take the plunge, you will:

Never forget a call with a CRM

Can you always remember to make an important call – even if it is several weeks down the line? A potential client may say they can’t decide on a piece of work until after their AGM next month. How do you ensure you call back on the right day? Yes, you could put it on your calendar, but your CRM will help you remember the finer details that could clinch the deal including notes from previous calls and emails.

If you schedule the appointment in your CRM you will be reminded and have all that data to hand. This method gives you the confidence that no opportunities will be missed.  Your telesales department will be more efficient as a result.

Improve your success rate with a CRM

Being organised when you collect your data is one of the key markers for success in sales, even more so than an extrovert personality, as Mercedes found out with their top sales people.

Integrate all of your information

If you feel overwhelmed by your database, using a CRM system can organise it into a much more manageable format. A CRM system is interactive and simple to use compared with hundreds of spreadsheets with no meaningful links between them. All of the information about your clients, projects, suppliers, etc. is kept in one database which can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Make your clients feel valued

A great use of your CRM is to add little notes about your conversation onto the lead’s file every time you chat to them. Are they planning a major holiday or do they have a special birthday coming up? A note will help you remember this information next time you call them and can add depth to your conversation. The customer will appreciate your attention to detail and you won’t have to rely on memory alone to support your conversations.

Keep continuity when a staff member leaves

Never again will you face the nightmare of trying to pick up a project when a staff member is sick or leaves. All of the information about the project, the emails and the notes about telephone conversations should be stored in one place in your CRM. That means you can pick up where they left off without the need for a long hand over note.

We work with various CRM systems and can help you find the right fit for your company. If you want to kick start your sales calls and are looking for an unbiased view as to which CRM will work for you, please get in touch via email: or phone 01638 741830. We would love to have that conversation with you.