Daffs, Crocus and Primrose!

With an extra hour in bed after the clock change, we were all clearly feeling super charged and suitable energised! The five wheel barrows containing the 4000 bulbs and 240 primroses, yes you read correctly(!), were lined up and ready for their willing drivers to go forth and plant!

A fancy quadrant affair was going on under the chestnut tree for ‘Blue Pearl’, a pretty little crocus. The snowdrops will come later in February, when we plant them in the green.

Clumps of daffs and primroses were planted in locations that over time will allow for them to naturalise and create carpets of colour. Despite all the rain from the day before, the ground was still very dry!! Time for refreshments, homemade cake and lashings of steaming tea!

A fantastic community event that everyone enjoyed, young and old!
A big thank you to all that helped, especially David!

I’ve posted some more photos on my posterous site: http://joriches.posterous.com/

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