The evolution of content marketing

Content marketing isn’t new, nor is it a one trick pony. It’s constantly evolving, offering opportunities for virtually any brand to boost brand engagement. (Just don’t call it that when you do it.)

So here are our Top 10 tips for better content marketing:

  1. Mobile is king. More than half of all online content is accessed via mobile devices, so your content MUST be mobile optimised.
  2. Be visual. Photos, videos, illustrations, whatever. But visual = sharable, and sharable = greater reach. More than half of internet content consumption is video (predicted to be over 80% by 2020). But think about what you’re producing – online users won’t just share your marketing ads for you. They need something more to them than that.
  3. Content is not just pictures and videos. Point 2 (while excellent) is not exhaustive. In the UK, people still tend to trust experts, analysis and reviews more than advertising so use THAT as your content if it works better for you.
  4. Don’t get distracted from your core messages, values, USPs and goals. It’s a marketing tool, sure, but it’s not the only one. Don’t forget to actually sell stuff too.
  5. Do what’s right for your business, not just because it’s a big trend. Analyse, assess and take action that’s right for YOUR customers.
  6. Get personal. (No, not like that.) And not even by just adding someone’s first name to a graphic, or a thank you video (though yes, First Direct, we did like it a lot) – it’s more about relevance and tailoring of messages products and experiences. Personalised = sharable… you get the picture.
  7. Influence marketing (sorry, User Generated Content) is huge. HUGE. Entire YouTube channels of kids playing with Play-Doh, people talking about Vanish Gold stain-removal techniques, thousands of shared selfies with a particular product; you name it, people at home are making it, sharing it, and helping brands get great awareness with it. Think competitions, incentives, test products… But there has to be something in it for the “user” too, whether that’s 30 seconds in the spotlight, a public thank you, or vast audience numbers on social media.
  8. Understand how audiences are changing. (Calling them “audiences” isn’t a great start, to be honest) Consumers (there we go again) want to be part of the story, not just sold to. Check out Rimmel London’s new campaign strategy, as reported in Marketing Week:
  9. Be responsive. AKA, understand what’s going on in the world of the people you’re engaging with. Ignore the social, cultural and political landscape at your peril. That doesn’t mean ramming your political opinions down other people’s throats of course, but being aware of what’s going on is vital – if only to avoid any “awkward moments”. (And yes, it’s about interacting on social media too.)
  10. Don’t dismiss it as a fad. You might not be convinced, you might think it’s blindingly obvious to do it, you might think “content marketing” is just another word for, well, marketing. But however you want to refer to it, it’s not going away anytime soon, so wouldn’t you be better off finding out how your business could benefit?


If you’re stuck for ideas and the creative writing just isn’t flowing, get in touch and book a free content clinic.  We’ll identify opportunities in your business and share insights into the trade to show you how you can make the most of the content you already have, or create it from scratch, taking your marketing from merely content to full on happy.

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