Fruits of Labour …

OK I’m guilty! Guilty of a  blogging faux pas.  If you’ve checked back to previous posts then yes it has been a while but I’ve been rather wrapped up with various new client proposals and a big pr and marketing campaign for Cambridge Open Studios which incidentally is now culminating with interest and support from local radio and tv.

With only  2 weeks to go before ‘said’ weekends are upon us, I’m wrapping up final interviews and busily collecting with great anticipation, copies of all pubications to check on the coverage! So exciting to see the fruits of one’s labour in glossy print, oh and with all those lovely photos too!


And then I met Solar, company pet at Beechdale Energy.  Mind boggling to start with, I’ve now got to grips with everything there is to know (well nearly) about solar pv installations, the Feed in Tariff (Fit) and all the benefits to be had from renewable energy! Keep an eye out for the advertising campaign starting about ‘now’!


This has all being going on, whilst these little beauties (some of you reading this may also be in possession due to a 100% germination rate!!) have been growing away in the greenhouse …. can’t wait till those little flowers of promise bring big fat juicy plum tomatoes a plenty! Meanwhile the garden, continues to grow …. and I remain seated at my office desk, working away with only the odd glimpse out to the garden whilst I finish planning a music festival for another client. All good fun.








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