Great promotional gifts, or are they?

I’ve just finished a project for a management consultancy, the brief was to supply a trendy postcard give away with a little something extra. The little something extra was a cute pack of jelly babies stapled to the postcard and guess who ended up with that job!

But hey they looked cool and if anyone goes to the exhibition in London next week and gets one let me know!

And this lead me to wondering, what is the coolest freebie or giveaway you’ve ever received? And do these gimmicks really make ‘us’ as an organisation more memorable and gain us more work?

The most interesting response to this post will receive a free gimmick of my own! Try me …..

2 thoughts on “Great promotional gifts, or are they?

  1. Well i can safely the Jelly Babies went down a treat! We had the whole of HRD talking about them and more importantly us!! So much so someone referred to me as the “Jelly Baby” lady!! I took this in a positive way! People were arriving at our stand saying excellent someone told me to find the Jelly Babies. Check out my blog post to hear a bit more about our favourite colour survey!!

    Great Idea Jo!!

  2. And the Jelly Babies were a massive hit! Everyone just loves jelly babies! And they proved to be a really good conversation starter as everyone wants to share with you their favourite colour, how they like to eat the head/toes first etc….! A good job well done!

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