Questions to ask your current marketing, events & PR agency

We always try to remember the purpose of marketing, events & PR.  We set up the company because we’re not convinced that everyone claiming to be a marketing, events and PR agency has the same logic as us, so if you want an holistic marketing, events & PR consultancy, perhaps you should ask your current provider these questions….

  • Do you offer a full range of marketing activities, or are you really just a design agency?
  • Do you evaluate and measure the response/effectiveness of the pr activities?
  • Do you build websites to suit my requirements and budget, or yours?
  • Are you flexible enough to change direction midway through a project?
  • Have you got 20 years experience running conferences and exhibitions?
  • Can you guarantee that my event will come within my allocated budget?
  • Will you ensure you get the best negotiated rates from your suppliers?
  • Will you handle the overall logistics and ensure my event runs successfully?
  • Do you provide social media management that suits my company and industry?
  • Do you guarantee a return on investment for any marketing budget you spend?

If the answer to any of the above is “no”, perhaps you should talk to us.