Increase your sales with the right marketing message

At Spirus, we specialise in marketing for sales – which means everything we do is designed to impact your bottom line.

Brilliant marketing is not about raising general awareness of your brand, it’s about discovering your perfect customer and reaching out to them with an irresistible message about your product or service.

That way, the right person hears about you at the right time and is willing to spend their cash on your product. Working like this will dramatically increase your sales and doesn’t waste marketing time or money on offering apples to people who only want bananas.

A targeted approach to reaching your most willing customers begins with you and your message. In simple terms, this involves nailing down exactly what you offer and why it is brilliant and unique.

This goes hand in hand with discovering exactly what type of person wants to use your product or service, what they need and why they should care about you. These two elements together make the start of a targeted marketing campaign that will drive sales.

Some businesses are great at doing this – they know who they are, who they want to reach and exactly what their customers want to hear. When Apple launched the IPod, their slogan was “1000 songs in your pocket.” That message pinpointed the ability of the IPod to let the customer carry around in one tiny machine all the songs in their CD collection and listen to them on the go. It reached the type of person who would want CDs at their fingertips and offered them the product to do so.

To build a message for your own business, consider:
• What service or product do you offer?
• Why is it great or unique?
• What are you saying?
• What’s the point?
• Who is your target audience?
• Why should they care? What’s in it for them?

Alternatively, just try to explain what you do to a six-year-old. This forces you to use the simplest terms and to be brief. Albert Einstein once said: “If you can’t explain it to a six-year-old, you don’t understand it yourself.”

We’ve done exactly this, watch it here!

Coming up with your targeted message is harder than it looks, but once you get the message right it will be the first, and most important, building block of a successful and cost-effective marketing campaign.

Spirus has experts on hand to help your business work through this process so get in touch via or call 01638 741830.

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