What makes a good website?

Website design is not just about the look of your website, it includes the chances of your website being found in a Google search, the ability to interest and convert customers and how well the site works for users. A good website is vital to your business success – in many cases a website is your shop front or at least the main source of information about your products, services and values. Here we share six ways to get it right.

Website development – looks and functionality

An attractive, streamlined website that reflects your brand personality and clearly showcases your products or services is important. Website design that makes it easy to navigate from a user’s perspective is also key. An experienced web developer will build you a website that delivers a speedy and efficient service for your customers, as well as optimising your chances of being found by search engines. A mini website review can help pinpoint weak areas of your current site, whether that is broken links, slow to load images, a high bounce rate or poor copy.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

If you want to be on the first page of Google results when people search for services and products like yours, you will need help with Search Engine Optimisation. This means the content of your website is clear and easy to read and contains the keywords and phrases that your customers are likely to search for. It also helps attract customers from your local area. Other important aspects for good SEO include correct title tags, lack of duplication, compelling meta descriptions, internal page links and trustworthy external links. All of these help search engines to find your site.

Sharp and accurate web content

Your words need to work hard. They need to be interesting, relevant and spelled correctly! They also need to be persuasive, directing users clearly to locate information and take action. Plenty of design agencies can make a website look beautiful; not all can provide the carefully crafted content as well. Furthermore, your content needs to score well on ‘readability’ for Google to rank your site highly. We offer a full website rewrite service to help address all of these issues.

Blogs and case studies

A regular stream of lively and engaging blogs and case studies will draw visitors to your site and increase your Google search rankings, as well as providing copy that can be shared on social media platforms such as Linked In, Facebook and Twitter. Updating content frequently is an important way to get your business seen. Don’t have enough time or inspiration to write blogs for your website? We can help.

Video content

Video content holds visitors’ attention, whether it’s an introduction to your products or services, or helpful “how to” videos to add value and encourage repeat visits. Videos engage people for longer on your website, which means more time spent by them looking at your brand and your business.


Website analytics are a powerful tool in monitoring and improving your website. They’re easily available but you need to know what you’re looking for, and analyse the results regularly. Getting loads of traffic on a particular page but 0% conversion rates? Try changing your call to action or product selection, and compare results. Analytics are a huge help, but you need advice on how to act on them.

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