Making Words Work

Companies spend a lot of money on marketing. Striking up a conversation with customers, engaging the public, being heard above the noise – it all sounds quite simple in theory. And yet the only really simple thing is how to get it wrong.

Speaking to someone in person, you have the benefit of body language, eye contact, tone of voice, intuition. But how do you make sure you get the right message across when all you have is words on a page?

In theory, that is where a copywriter can step in to help. Copywriters are adept at crafting language to get across precisely the message you wish to convey, in exactly the right way. Whether you want concise and punchy, or dreamy and aspirational, you want an in joke or a sly jibe, your copywriter can make that happen. Headlines, straplines, small print or web content, there is always scope to make words work harder for you and for your business.

That old adage about not seeing the wood for the trees is never more true than when trying to proof read that course brochure or flyer, that menu or prospectus or web page you’ve been working on for the last six weeks. A copywriter brings fresh eyes, fresh perspective and a knack for cutting through to the heart of what you are trying to say. And, ideally, saying it better. You might find that seeing your idea or campaign phrased differently sparks a brand new idea – communication is in constant flux, and having the ability to move with it and tailor it to best serve your needs is no easy task.

A good copywriter is able to get under the skin of your brand or product and produce copy that both reflects and enhances your message, and must therefore be a researcher, a marketer and a creative writer all in one. Yet using a professional copywriter does not need to cost the earth – and you might just find that it makes all the difference.

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