Online Marketing – Part 5: Email Marketing.

In part 5 of our series on Online Marketing, we’re going to briefly cover email campaigns, also known as newsletters or direct marketing.

We receive newsletters about products and services we’re not interested in and from companies we never heard of on a daily basis. We tend to scan through the subject lines of our inbox and immediately disregard a lot of the newsletters in there.

So what can you do to make sure that your newsletter doesn’t go unnoticed?

Firstly, your email campaign should always have a carefully segmented audience; it would be unwise to send the same content to your customers and prospects for example. So, select the right content for the right audience at the right time, be relevant and offer something of value, i.e. tips and advice.

Secondly, remember that whatever your personal direct marketing objective, all campaigns will have one thing in common – to serve as a relationship building tool. Personalise your message whenever you can and take time to think of an interesting, enticing headline.

Thirdly, remember when we talked about content marketing in our previous blogs? Email marketing fits very neatly into that strategy because it serves as a channel for content distribution. Your blog posts, case studies, company news, some third party content or even videos can be used in your newsletter. And make it shareable – people will share newsletters with the right content.

You should also monitor, check and track your campaign. Keep checking the stats and record the results. You will use these to formulate your follow up strategy and draw necessary conclusions to build better campaigns in the future.

You also need to plan for actions after the campaign has been published. What you do after sending your newsletter will very much depend on its objectives. Do you want to send an individually targeted email with a special offer? Arrange a meeting? Perhaps it’s time to have telephone conversation with the prospect? Business development techniques such as telemarketing could be very helpful here, but make sure your decisions are backed up by the data.

Finally, we recommend you create an email calendar…and stick to it! Only publish a newsletter when you have something to say and make it easy to subscribe to them. Before sending, edit, test, and re-test to make sure you have polished the design and that your campaign can be viewed in at least three different browsers.

Oh and one more – your newsletter is likely to be scan read before the decision is made to read further. Keep it easy to navigate and no longer than one page if you can!

And here are the best tips for getting your email campaign working hard and helping to start building those relationships:

  • Stay up to date with the latest developments and regulatory changes in your industry or business sector
  • Leverage this information to tell your customers/ prospects about how this affects them
  • Tell them where your product or service falls within that and how you can help

Newsletters with this type of content are guaranteed to get a high open rate and a lot of clicks.

So here it is, our tips for email marketing. If you want to hear more about direct marketing strategies or are thinking about designing a newsletter, visit our office in Burwell or give us a call on 01638 741 830.

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