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I’m really quite chuffed to have been invited onto the  TEDxGranta event organising panel.  If you’ve not heard of it’s essentially a networking conference event, where guest speakers present live for just 18 minutes, inspiring the delegates with innovative ideas and thought provoking revelations.    Speakers in the US have included people such as Bill Gates, Al Gore, Sir Richard Branson, Gordon Brown plus many more.

TEDxGranta’s first event is on Tuesday 14th February 2011 at The Møller Centre, Cambridge CB3 0DE.  The theme is ‘Women Shaping the Future’ and will focus on the way women contribute to the world around them.  The line up of guest speakers is already going to make it a highly enjoyable and thought provoking day and we’re still hoping to add a few more!

Men don’t be scared by the theme!
It’s a confernece event for you too so why not take advantage of the ‘BringaBloke’ discount code and pay £130 for 2 tickets (£15 off each) if you bring a man along with you. Or enter ‘TEDxFans’ to get £10 off the price of a single ticket.

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Join the TEDxGranta LinkedIn Group and Facebook page and you can follow us on twitter.

How to register:
Book your place at TEDxGranta at The Møller Centre on 15th February 2011.

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