Planning Ahead

A new year and a new set of business goals.  Why plan? Because last year, we decided we wanted to be tucking into our own home grown Brussel Sprouts on Christmas day.   We purchased the seeds, checked the schedule and followed the step by step guide perfectly. We not only invested time and money into materials to make a protective cage, we also invested quite a few man hours throughout, chasing off the notorious Cabbage White butterflies and picking off the wriggly caterpillars that hatched. We nurtured the plants through their growing cycle and gave them the attention they needed. 

Christmas Eve, success, two lovely stalks of Brussel Sprouts ready to be prepared for Christmas Day.

Business goals are no different to personal ones. If you set to achieve you will.  This January, I’m setting myself a few targets, how many new clients do I want and need, how am I going to go about winning them, where do I need to invest time and money in order to gain them?

The Sprouts were delicious!

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