Reach Fair in the making

Exciting times ahead. This Bank Holiday Monday, here in the village of Reach is the 810th May Day Fair. For all the villagers, the fun and excitement starts a week early as we’re entertained daily by the arrival of a new ride! Yesterday it was the Cake Walk and Helter Skelter and today it’s the Octopus and Big Wheel.

Throughout the day we watch eagerly as each of the rides are positioned on the village green and the hours of assembly for each of the rides begin.

Can you spot what’s missing on the Big Wheel?! No doubt the seats will be up by the end of the day!
The Fair really is a village affair. Everyone gets involved whether it is to lend a hand on the car parking for the 8000 visitors or busy baking cakes for the cake stall. It’s madness and mayhem but everyone enjoys themselves. It always amazes me how many people come! Hope to see you there and let’s hope this glorious sunshine stays for the day too!

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