Re-energise your marketing this autumn

The start of the school year is always a time for new beginnings and starting new projects. That’s why Spirus have put together a special package to help your business re-energise your marketing this autumn.

Thinking about marketing doesn’t make it happen. It’s time to make a start, otherwise it will be the run up to Christmas before you know it. In fact, the most organised businesses know this is a perfect time of year to increase your sales and profile.

Our three-month marketing master plan will take you from post-holiday slump to raring to go. We are offering a mix of hard-hitting marketing activities that will give your business the biggest possible boost in a short time frame. The package starts from just £499 +VAT per month for three months and you can choose one per month from a selection of business development, content or social media options.

Re-Energise Your Marketing – Business Development Options

Perhaps you would like to get in touch with lapsed clients to see if they can become loyal customers again, or maybe you need some new sales calls or market research. Our in house, talented and professional team can make contact for you. The business development options in this package cover all of these needs. What’s more, we only operate in an ethical and legal way with our sales calls, so our work enhances your reputation.
Read our Responsible Telemarketers’ Charter.

Re-energise Your Social Media – Options

On the other hand, you may have let your social media slide over the holidays. We can gain you new followers on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as well as engaging with your loyal customers. If you want us to take over the running of your accounts, listening and responding to followers or simply scheduling posts so you have a presence every day – let us know.

Re-energise Your Content  – Options

If you want to launch a new product or service or in time for Christmas and need a press release, we have the writers and media contacts to get you noticed.

We can also supply blogs, case studies, testimonials, PR plans and even review the content of your website.

Pick one of these activities per month from the list below:

New sales calls / Lapsed clients / Proposal follow ups / Market research

Blog / Case studies / Articles / Press releases / Testimonials / Content plan / Copy assessment / Web review

Instagram / Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn

*Terms and conditions apply

Get in touch on 01636 741830 to find out more or email

We have limited availability – reserve your three month master plan today.

Business development packages from Spirus

Business development packages by SpirusBusiness development packages to suit every need are available at Spirus – from the business start-up to big success stories looking to build their strategy and hone their brand.

At Spirus, we are able to tailor business development packages to provide you with the best monthly mix of marketing, taking your specific business needs into account. We ensure you always get the best package for your marketing messages and business goals.

Quick marketing boost to capture new leads

Not everyone is ready to start a big marketing campaign with a full business development package. Sometimes what you really want is a short, sharp burst of activity, and a handful of hot new leads to launch you into more successful league. For these businesses we have developed our Telemarketing 50 package.

Our expert telemarketers will target 50 companies, who are your potential customers, and provide you with lead ratings from hot to cold for a quick follow up. We’re confident that you will see the power of engaging us to make quality sales calls for your business – and come back for more.

Business development plan starter package, including digital

Now you’re ready to try the full marketing mix, in our carefully crafted starter package that includes a digital service. This builds on the telemarketing 50 campaign with social media monitoring, engagement and tweeting, reputation management and email follow up. For those business who have yet to sort out their social media, this will take you to the next level. Get in touch to ask us about Business Development Package 1.

Full marketing support

We have a range of business development packages for companies who would benefit from full marketing support. These business development packages suit a company that has grown over time but never had full marketing support, and now needs some help. We can even become your marketing team if you don’t have one on board. Working with us through one of our business development packages will give your brand the visibility to attract the right customers and investors to help you grow.

We see many businesses who are victims of their own success – suddenly busy keeping up with growing demands and time poor when it comes to planning their marketing. That’s where we can help – we have the vision, and the local Cambridge insight, to build you a strategy that will match your ambitions. We can take that load off your shoulders and start building your brand so it matches the professional business you want to present.

Many businesses have never had time to think strategically about marketing – instead relying on the same handful of activities and hoping they reach the right customers. With any one of our business development packages we can help you to grow your business and your image. We can build a fully-developed strategy aligned with your goals and offer a targeted mix of telemarketing and email follow up, reputation management, social media and blogs for your website from one of our expert copywriters. For more information, drop us a line on

Different times, different packages

The time of year may influence the kinds of marketing you require. We consider your monthly schedule as well as how the season may impact on this when we build your marketing strategy. For example, some months you may prefer more social engagement and fewer telemarketing calls to be done.

Once we have established your requirements and agreed the level of marketing support, a contract will be created. Ideally a six-month investment will show you the best results. The best, and most organic, marketing campaigns need a little time to give the best return on investment.

These are just a handful of the business development packages available through Spirus Marketing. For more information, call 01638 741830 or email  Confirm a piece of work with us during July or August or pass on a referral that leads to a project and we’ll give you a delicious bottle of Cambridge Champagne. Claim your Champagne here.