To blog or not to blog?

Everyone’s at it these days. Blogging, that is. But just because everyone is doing it, it doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone is doing it right. It can be a very useful tool for businesses when it’s done right – and here’s why:

–          Information. It is an excellent way to illustrate the services you provide in in detail.

–          Customer engagement. Depending on the angles and topics, you can develop both a wider following and a better relationship with existing – and potential – customers.

–          Brand development. Show what you can do, what your brand is all about, and how you make it come to life.

–          New news. Bluntly put, it gives you an excuse to keep driving people back to your website from social media.

–          Show your soft side. Don’t forget, people do business with people, and a blog can allow you to demonstrate values and the human side of your company, which can help customer engagement and even recruitment.

–          PR. News often has PR potential and blogging drives traffic to your website; the stories you cover can also back up news articles or other media mentions.

–          SEO. It might not be the first reason for doing it, but blogging does allow renewed content on your site and can help your search rankings. Not a reason in itself in these days of quality content marketing, but a nice little bonus if you’re doing it anyway.

Not everyone has the time or inclination to write a blog regularly, but you can always outsource to an agency. Like us, for example…!

And to finish, we thought we’d share a few words on how not to write a blog.


–          Just write about the same things you already have on your website, unless you are adding something new to it. People are not interested in the straight sell sell sell approach.

–          Keep spamming people with endless links to your blog if it isn’t relevant, interesting or regularly updated. They’ll block you and give your company a bad name.

–          Give away too much information. Check with clients first that they’re happy to be included in case studies, and don’t give away all your trade secrets.

–          Forget that your blog is a window on your brand. Be human – but don’t make it tooooo personal!

–          Make any libellous comments. Bad idea. Really, really bad.

–          Use content (words, quotes, pictures, anything really) without permission.

–          Think that everyone is going to be interested in what your office has been up to all day. Think about who you’re talking to and why – and make your content relevant.

–          Be dull. (Subjective, we know, but do your best!)

–          Forget that a lot of people are suckers for a Top 10, a Quick Fix or a How To guide. Pique interest. People love to be talked to – not at.

–          Go on for too long. Speaking of which… bye for now!

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