My week with Spirus Marketing

Hi, I’m Lisa and I am currently studying for my Masters in Advertising, Branding and Communication at the University of West London. One of my modules this year was to obtain an internship with a company within the creative industries. Part of the process was contacting various companies that looked like they worked with integrity, where I could gain new skills and insight into the creative industry.


I struck gold with Spirus Marketing, located in Burwell Cambridgeshire. From my first meeting there was a strong and welcoming atmosphere in the office. Directors Jo and Tania took the time to get to know me and consider how I could get the best out of a internship with them. Within an hour of leaving, I was delighted to see an email confirming possible weeks and projects I could work on. I couldn’t wait to start.


Now on my last day in the office I am writing this piece with a sinking feeling that the week has gone by too fast and I don’t wish to say goodbye. During my time here I have got to know the rest of the team who are friendly, vivacious and incredibly hard working. I have been able to experience what conversations take place with new and existing clients and been privileged to be see how the team work together to find the best way to promote their clients. Despite only being here for a week, I felt comfortable offering ideas and opinions and that they were taken on board.


One of the things I have learned is that every client’s needs are different and Spirus Marketing is all about finding the best hook/story to best showcase their products and services. They promote collaborations and encourage clients to support other businesses in their area.


This week has come in thick and fast and I would like to thank Jo, Tania, Alex and Jo for opening their doors and allowing me to spend the week with them. They are a group of very talented individuals and I wish them the best for the future and hope we will stay in touch. I have downloaded the app and I am looking forward to visiting some talented artists this weekend for Cambridge Open Studios.

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