Case study: Lead generation in a niche market – how a connected campaign attracted new business

The family-run twin businesses of the Newmarket Paint Company and Newmarket Decorators were established back in 1983. Renowned for quality craftsmanship and expert service, they provide domestic and commercial decorating services, as well as producing their own paints and accessory products.

Following some interesting restoration and renovation work at a Cambridge College, local churches and a Victorian ice rink, they wanted to get word out about their expertise with historic buildings. And that’s when they asked for our help.

The challenges

Cambridge colleges were identified as a primary target audience.  It was our challenge was to get them noticed, introduced, and in the mix when it came to new decorating contracts.

We needed to ensure we:

  • Adhered to GDPR rules throughout
  • Cut through the clutter of communication received by colleges every day
  • Attracted attention and induced action
  • Built the foundations for future relationships
  • Delivered tangible results in the form of meetings and pitch opportunities
  • Stuck to a strict budget

Our solution

Having worked on a press release of the restoration work earlier in the year, we suggested a multi-phase campaign including a case study and telemarketing campaign to capitalise on the work undertaken at another college.

First, our copywriter composed a compelling case study, which our design team turned into a beautiful document to circulate. We felt this needed to be a physical product, so had it printed with a high-quality finish to properly represent the business in the right way.

The case study on its own might risk being filed away so we needed something extra to grab attention, but again it needed to both represent the brand and service appropriately, while not contravening gift-value rules at the colleges.

After lots of creative thinking, we settled on a gorgeous tin of paints, branded with the company logos, which we sent alongside the case studies and a hand-written note, all packaged in a hand-written envelope for that extra personal touch. We researched the right contacts at each college and sent out the packages.

These packages were then followed that up with friendly phone calls to each recipient to establish conversation and start building those all-important relationships.


The client was delighted with the professional-looking case study and the branded paint-tins, which were both appropriate for the brand and service, and a genuinely nice thing to receive.

Our calls were received really well – people tend to respond well to a friendly, personalised service, and relevant, high-quality gifts will nearly always go down well, without breaking the budget in the process.

Excitingly, the calls resulted in several meetings being confirmed with a number of different colleges. Even where follow up meetings weren’t booked, we knew that Newmarket Decorators had been well represented and every exchange was positive, building long term relationships for the future. Every conversation was pleasant for both sides – we follow a strict code of conduct from our Ethical Telemarkers’ Charter and always aim to make every call useful and enjoyable for all parties.

Since the initial meetings, we have now had word that the client has had a new contract confirmed, on an initial project valued at £20K. That represents an ROI of over 1200% against the initial investment by the client for the entire campaign of under £1500. Needless to say, the client is absolutely delighted with the result.

The future

Now that we have started the initial relationship-building process, we will be conducting their follow up telemarketing campaign in the coming weeks. So watch this space – that ROI is only going to keep going up!

The testimonial

“Really happy with the work the Spirus team provided.  As we are so busy and always in and out at jobs, it is great to be able to trust the Spirus team as an extension of our team.  We know they will always make us look and sound as good as the quality of our decorating service is, giving us peace of mind and the ability to do what we do best.  With this campaign they have secured several meetings with Cambridge colleges. One such meeting has already led to a prestigious contract to decorate a dining hall.”

James Palmer, Newmarket Decorators Ltd