Mind the Gap – Helping local businesses meet the challenges ahead

We always say business is personal for us, and we really mean it. We genuinely commit to whatever project we are working on, and immerse ourselves in our clients’ worlds.

It’s difficult to see so many businesses out there struggling to find a way forward right now. There are so many pressures that people need to meet, and there are only so many hours in a day. And we know there have had to be some heart-breaking decisions made about redundancies and reduced hours that no-one ever wants to have to make.

People are stretched very thin. And with so many daily changes to the demands on people’s lives, from caring responsibilities, school closures, local lockdowns, financial pressures, ill health and so on, it’s hard to keep up with “the day job.” Businesses need to show compassion, and help their employees be able to meet the demands of life outside work – but they also need to be commercially successful, and keep the business running. And therein lies the disconnect.

How can businesses support flexible working, part-time roles and changing guidelines, without compromising on productivity or performance, and without incurring additional financial risk?

We think there might be a way that we can help – even if it is just until you get back on your feet!

Introducing our Mind the Gap Marketing Packages

Key advantages for you

  • More experience and resource for less. When you hire Spirus, you don’t just get the skills and experience of one team member; you get the collective skills, experience and resources of the wider team thrown in.
  • Reduced financial risk. You only pay for the services you need; you don’t have to pay pensions, hardware, travel costs, bonuses, insurance, training, L&D or any of the other overheads and commitments of full time staff.
  • Be a more attractive employer. Flexible working and part-time working are huge right now; lockdown has opened eyes on both side of the fence to the enormous potential and opportunities of flexible and part-time working. If you aren’t offering it, you could be missing out on amazing local talent – and this could be a good way for you to make it feasible.
  • Tactical focus on what needs doing. You might not need a whole role’s worth of work to be done, but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t use some help. Whether it’s for blogs and social media, market research, customer satisfaction surveys, lead generation or new branding and templates, we’ve got your back.
  • No strings attached. We mean that in the nicest possible way – but we know what an emotional toll it takes to have to let valued staff members go, or reduce their hours. We hope that working with an agency relieves you of some of that responsibility. We form strong relationships with our clients, of course, but we also know that commercial decisions need to be made. So you can add hours where you need more help, or reduce them when you don’t – without feeling guilty about it.
  • We’re already set up to work effectively from anywhere. We are used to hitting the ground running, getting to grips with new client businesses and getting the job done. That means less time spent on inductions and onboarding, and more time getting stuff done. Because that’s what we do.

 And, in the interests of fairness, we know there are a few disadvantages too

  • Yes, it’s harder to communicate well with a disparate or remote team. But you already knew that, and chances are, you’ve already discovered how effective remote working can be. Lockdown has shone a very bright spotlight on the possibilities of remote and flexible working, and has shown that it’s absolutely possible – and that in some cases, communication quality and frequency has actually increased in response. We are used to working remotely – that’s how we were working pre-Covid, so the whole team is already set up to continue seamlessly, office-free.
  • A sense of team. We know. It’s not quite the same when the people in your team aren’t actually there, all the time, as part of the team. But we do this all the time, and we love the different relationships we have with our clients. It’s different, sure – but that doesn’t mean we don’t immerse ourselves just as much in your world, or celebrate your successes, alongside you. That’s what we’re here for, and we will always do our absolute best.
  • We appreciate that hiring agencies ad hoc or on retainer is not “cheap”. But it could offer extremely competitive value for money; you don’t have the overheads of a permanent staff member, and you can flex the budget as needed. So yes, we’re not free – but we can offer fantastic value.
  • Limited availability. We are a small consultancy, and we do have a limited number of opportunities for our “mind the gap” packages. But rest assured, we don’t commit to anything we can’t deliver, so you’ll always know what our availability is and we will communicate clearly so you’re always aware of what’s possible.

Any more questions?

We would love to help you fill the gaps, in truth that is how our clients have always used our service, even before Covid19. So let’s talk about how we can put together a bespoke sales and marketing skills package that will meet your needs. So if you think this could be of interest to solve a short term problem, or as a long term flexible solution, we would love to have a chat about it.