our website is vital. It's where potential customers go to find out about your products or services, your values, your reliability and your trustworthiness. It's how people find you, it's what starts to build a relationship, and the "shop front" of your entire business. These days, "any old website" just won't cut it. You need to provide your customers with a great online experience that will enhance your reputation as a professional, credible, trusted organisation.

Spirus offers creative solutions for website design, build and development, as well as content production, mobile optimisation, implementation and management. We can carry out an in-depth review of your existing website and develop a plan to improve it, or we can help you launch a new site from scratch. Take a look at some of our client testimonials to see how our creative website design and development services can transform your website.


Not every business is ready to take on the world, or the country for that matter. Here at Spirus we understand the needs for locality when opening digital marketing up as a marketing tool. The last thing you need is your small business to not cope with demand and pressures that come with a national organisation. So let us break you into digital marketing gently with proven local search engine techniques.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is arguably one of the most important elements of any modern marketing campaign, and our team is here to help you get it right. We will help to fully optimise your website to rank higher on major search engines like Google, not only by advising the correct strategy and approach to SEO, but also by providing SEO-friendly copywriting services, graphic design and website development. SEO and Local SEO are essential components of your business growth strategy and marketing plan, and our team of SEO and digital marekting experts are here to help you. Find out more about how SEO works, and how our SEO services can help you, here.


As part of our comprehensive digital marketing services, Spirus can help you develop your digital marketing, search engine marketing (SEM) and online advertising strategy. We can help manage, maintain and review your Google AdWords campaigns and other online advertising and affiliate partnerships to ensure your adverts are seen by the right people in the right places. We ensure relevance and correct targeting to reach your target audience effectively, and can help you deploy your marketing budgets to get the best returns on investment.


Social media is often a major part of a company's brand image and overall marketing strategy, and allows customers to interact publicly with them. The impression people have of your company can be enormously influenced by your social media presence - so it needs to be right. But there's more to effective social media management than meets the eye! // Do you need someone to run your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts? Do you need to develop your professional networks through LinkedIn, or find new customers on other platforms? We can help your business to reach and engage with potential customers and existing clients through social media channels.

Spirus will give you a the right social media presence that gets your business noticed by the right audience, for the right reasons. The tone you wish to convey will vary depending on your brand's personality and values, so we take all that into consideration when developing your social media strategy and campaigns. By being sociable and interactive and engaging with online communities, we can help you entice new customers, encourage positive word of mouth, share digital content, manage your online reputation, communicate offers and new propositions, and respond to customers to either manage or build relationships. We can manage your social media so you can concentrate on your business.

Spirus can create targeted social media campaigns through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and other channels. We also specialise in reputation management, engagement and content production.


Video is one of the fastest growing formats for online content in the world, and should form a part of your digital marketing strategy. Whether you want to create value-added customer help and support videos, corporate promotional videos, product feature videos, compelling advertising videos, candid Facebook videos to build relationships with your customers or event filming, we have the video production expertise to help. We provide a bespoke service for these from planning and script writing to finished product, taking into account your audience and tone. If you are looking for video content to boost your inbound marketing campaign and promote your products, your people or your services, you're in the right place. Click here to find out more about our customise video production services.