What we stand for.


Spirus is a business but for us, business is personal. Our company values are therefore an extension of our own, and a reflection of the things each one of our team feels strongly about. We believe in the underdog, in helping people and businesses find their own voice, and in helping everyone, and every business, to fulfill their true potential.

These are our values, and we live and breathe them – not because they are our company values, but because they reflect who we are, collectively and individually.

  • Honesty, integrity and respect
  • Creativity, innovation and spark
  • Challenge, discovery and evolution
  • Clarity, transparency and simplicity
  • Ambition, confidence and growth
image of team planning marketing strategy


Strategy | Creativity | Implementation

Strategy, creativity and implementation with a head for business.

Spirus helps you create awareness, build relationships and drive increased sales across all areas of marketing, PR and communication with a strong focus on lead generation, evaluation and ROI.



Brand | Voice | Social

Getting in touch with your audience to make better connections.

People do business with people. So we put personality at the heart of every service, strategy and campaign.

Using real understanding of personality helps define and reach the right people in the right way.



ROI | Results | Next Level

Empowering people to be all that they can be, every day.

Confidence doesn't have to be born. We love helping people, teams and organisations develop the skills and self-awareness to unlock their full potential and flourish with confidence.



Marketing & Communications Strategy

To get to the right destination, you need to be on the right path. We'll work with you to guide your strategy, making sure every element stays true to your values and vision.


Your brand speaks to people - but what is it saying? We'll work with you to bring your brand to life in just the right way, whether that's starting from scratch or revamping what you already have. We can help you develop your brand logo, guidelines, language and tone, keeping everything aligned and consistent.

Lead Generation

We understand that marketing should play a pivotal role in business performance. With our unique range of in-house expertise including telemarketing, research, CRM and commercial strategy, we can help you build your profile, understand and access new audiences and delight your existing customers.


Content, as they say, is king. Actually it's the whole royal court, balancing impact, intrigue and action to create standout campaigns that get you noticed and remembered for all the right reasons. Copywriting, design, websites, videos, PR - our talented and friendly team is entirely at your disposal

Digital Marketing

Your digital impact has never been more important. We can help you assess your current digital footprint and successfully build your brand online to reach the right audiences in the right way.


Wouldn't it be brilliant to speak directly to the people you'd love to work with? As established experts in telemarketing, we can bring you closer to your audience, establishing a direct relationship that can help with lead generation, market research and CRM. Whether you want to break into new markets or find out how your business is perceived, telemarketing could be the secret ingredient your campaign has been missing.

PR & Media

Find the stories that help you stand out and connect you with new audiences. We have an established media network and can help you share your news and stories both locally and nationally. We can help with the ideas, the content, press releases and events, getting to the heart of the stories that matter to get you noticed for all the right reasons.


Giving others the skills and confidence to thrive is very important to us. Whether you or your team needs specific, skill-based training or you think your organisation would benefit from better communication or teamwork programmes, we can help. Our team includes accredited practitioners to help you and your team fulfill its potential.