Newmarket Decorators

The family-run twin businesses of the Newmarket Paint Company and Newmarket Decorators were established back in 1983. Renowned for quality craftsmanship and expert service, they provide domestic and commercial decorating services, as well as producing their own paints and accessory products.

Following some interesting restoration and renovation work at a Cambridge College, local churches and a Victorian ice rink, they wanted to get word out about their expertise with historic buildings. And that’s when they asked for our help.

PMT Digital

PMT Digital was established in 2005 and has quickly built an excellent reputation as one of the UK’s leading large format and digital printers. Innovative and technology-focused, PMT Digital works with a wide range of businesses nationwide, offering both traditional and cutting-edge services and techniques. From printed sound-proofing panels and digital wallpaper to pop-up exhibition graphics and exterior displays, the service proposition is up to the minute - but the company website did not reflect that modern innovation. PMT Digital desperately needed a refresh to align its branding with its service offering.