You need return on investment and you need it quick, here at Spirus we can set your online advertising up and running quickly, with research and budgeting plans we will maximise that adwords campaign.



What is online advertising?

Simply put, advertising your brand, product or service through online platforms. It can be called internet advertising or web advertising. There are many channels for you to advertise through, the most popular of these are search engines paid platforms, usually called AdWords. You can also advertise through affiliate links, on video channels. Well frankly anywhere, if there is a space then there is a revenue platform.

Here at Spirus we concentrate on AdWords, these platforms give you text or display advertising options, remarketing, shopping channels and video streaming sites.

What type of AdWords are available?

AdWords itself is a brand of Google’s online advertising platform, as with everything Google it has been taken as a standard word across the industry. Of course, it doesn’t just stop at Google. You can advertise on most search engines to become top of that list. Bing online advertising is now simply Microsoft advertising, which crosses platforms into MSN and yahoo.

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Adwords simply puts you top of a search engines listings for a keyword, it is pointed out that the listing is an advert with a “ad” showing next to it. You bid for a keyword and when a visitor clicks on your you are then charged for it. Usually billing is monthly and it collates in your account and invoiced at the end of a month.

In a little more depth Adwords put you to the top of keyword searches by paying for it rather than organically through search engine optimisation. But it’s all down to budget, so for example the term “single ovens” averages at 67p per click, the amount of money you spend will depend on how many people click on your ad. That search term shows approximately 16,000 times a month with a click rate of around 4.8%. Roughly speaking that’s £514 a month if you swallowed all the ads. But to do that you will raise the amount you pay as expect some kick back from competitors. So what else comes into play?

How Google AdWords bidding works

Very basic equation of how much you want to bid x how relevant your ad is x how relevant your landing page is. You bid high, your ad looks good and is very relevant to the topic and so is the page people will visit if they click you’re ad and you’re looking good. So how many companies are in your market place? How much are they bidding? How relevant are their pages? Lots to take into the equation and sometimes until you bite the bullet you won’t know. That’s where Spirus come in to offer a helping hand, are your ads lacking conversions or are you nervous for the first few steps. Either way we are here to land a guiding hand.

Are AdWords worth it?

In our opinion, yes they are as part of a larger marketing strategy, every tool has it’s part to play and AdWords is in the mix for us.

Is Google AdWords SEO?

No! The adverts do jump ahead of the SEO effort you put in, but they are 2 different disciplines. Getting good SEO will help your AdWords convert through the landing page relevancy, there isn’t much AdWords gives back to SEO however.


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How do you write a good title for SEO?

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What are SEO tools?

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How do you measure SEO?

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Done with SEO

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