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Social media is often a major part of a company's brand image and overall marketing strategy, and allows customers to interact publicly with them. The impression people have of your company can be enormously influenced by your social media presence - so it needs to be right. But there's more to effective social media management than meets the eye! // Do you need someone to run your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts? Do you need to develop your professional networks through LinkedIn, or find new customers on other platforms? We can help your business to reach and engage with potential customers and existing clients through social media channels.

Spirus will give you a the right social media presence that gets your business noticed by the right audience, for the right reasons. The tone you wish to convey will vary depending on your brand's personality and values, so we take all that into consideration when developing your social media strategy and campaigns. By being sociable and interactive and engaging with online communities, we can help you entice new customers, encourage positive word of mouth, share digital content, manage your online reputation, communicate offers and new propositions, and respond to customers to either manage or build relationships. We can manage your social media so you can concentrate on your business.

Spirus can create targeted social media campaigns through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and other channels. We also specialise in reputation management, engagement and content production.

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