If you are looking for a new website or re-design, take a look at Spirus.


A designed website can make all the difference to users experience, getting people to the information they need quickly and efficiently will lead to better conversions from your traffic. Here at Sprius we look at you, your consumer and your competitor’s to get the best functioning website for you.

Web design begins as any marketing tool with your why message, what message do you need to get over to your customers, and then we begin to look at your marketplace including you and your competitors. What difference can we bring to you that helps make you stand out from the rest?

How web design affects seo

Good web design is fast becoming a critical part of an SEO strategy. Search engines update their algorithms to include factors like speed, functionality and bounce rates. So if people aren’t staying on your site long, it’s slow and broken in places it’s not going to fair well. We treat SEO as standard with any web design, it’s coded into the fabric of Spirus.

Are web design and web development same?

Not exactly, simply put web design feeds web development. In most cases a good web designer can do both, but at Spirus we like experts to be just that and keep design and development separate.

image of team planning marketing strategy