Marketing communications with personality!

Congratulations to our chief copywriter Alison Folwell for becoming Facet5 accredited. Facet5 is all about unlocking potential through the power of personality. The most modern and advanced measure of personality available today, it is based on the big 5 model of personality and uses natural language that makes it easy to understand and apply.

So why would a marketing company need to know about personality? Well there are many reasons but let’s look at the most obvious one. Marketing usually involves some form of communication. How we communicate and how we accept communication is deeply rooted in our personality. The language we respond to and engage with, even the type of communication we naturally prefer – it’s all to do with our own personality preferences. And believe us, no pigeonholing here…we really are all individuals, with all the complexity that inevitably involves.

Self-Awareness is key

Having an understanding and awareness of what makes up a person’s personality makes us *even* better communicators – to our clients, to their clients, our colleagues, and even our friends and family! It also makes us better leaders. As Simon Sinek says: “Leadership is a way of thinking, a way of acting and most importantly a way of communicating”.

How can Facet5 be applied?

Spirus now boasts both Alison and Tania Verdonk as accredited Facet5 practitioners. Enhanced self-awareness has been linked with wellbeing at work, and undergoing a personality profile is one of the most insightful ways to get there. It can also really help with conflict resolution and team dynamics, helping individuals as well as teams and entire organisations. If you are interested in unlocking your potential by completing a Facet5 questionnaire and understanding where your strengths really are, as well as the potential risk and development areas, please get in touch. Rest assured there are no good or bad personalities! Just different ones – and the more you understand about yours, the easier it becomes to take control and fulfill all that potential you might be keeping locked away.

If you are interested in using our expertise as skilled communicators for your marketing and sales – we do that too! And always with a big dash of personality. Just drop us a line!