How to find brilliant corporate Christmas gifts

If you are scratching your head trying to decide what corporate Christmas gifts to send this year, you are not alone. It is hard to get right – so we have put together this handy guide based on the way we at Spirus Marketing help our clients find corporate gifts for their customers.

Think about the image you want to project

The gift you choose will represent your company, so it’s important to choose a gift that reflects your company values. For a small and friendly business, hand-tied chocolates with a thoughtful note shows clients that you offer a personal touch. On the other hand, a young and edgy software company may be looking for something quirky and witty.

Consider your clients’ values

Think about the values you believe your client holds. Any gift will be a nice surprise, but if you know your client values sustainability and you buy them gifts from sustainable sources they will feel validated. Think about the client and personalise the gift. You can waste a lot of money on items that are not appreciated or may even cause offence.

Corporate gifts should be genuinely nice

Think about whether your client will want to receive this gift. It is tempting to send over promotional merchandise to clients, but if you are going to do this you need to add a little extra. Branded items can work if you fill them with something luxurious.

Packaging is important

Your gift needs to look special when it arrives. Shiny bows, stylish baskets and presentation boxes – these make a great impression. A marketing company could help you brand your packaging to make it memorable.

Food is the way to their heart

Luxury hampers are a popular choice for companies who wish to impress. However, small but thoughtful gifts can hit just the right note – a perfectly wrapped box of speciality cakes will cheer up any office when it arrives. The clients will remember you fondly – especially if the food is shareable so everyone in the office gets a treat.

Create something memorable

If you can find corporate gifts that will sit on a client’s desk, this will keep you in their mind for longer. But if you want them to stick around they have to be beautiful as well as useful. A graphic designer could create an attractive branded image to be displayed on everyday desktop items to make them more desirable. Alternatively, a gift that lasts in the memory because it was unusual is also a good idea.

Consider your budget

Buying personalised items can mean making a minimum order of several hundred. If your budget won’t stretch to this perhaps you could select your six most profitable clients and send them something special. Think quality rather than quantity.

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