Why you need a third party to carry out employee satisfaction surveys

Why conduct employee surveys?

Employee surveys can help reveal the best way to retain good staff and keep morale and productivity high.

But done badly they are worse than useless. In fact, most generic surveys bear no relation to your employees’ specific circumstances and will inspire nothing more than an eye-roll from staff.

What’s more, a fear that your internal survey is not really anonymous will prevent most people from highlighting problems that may be driving good employees away.

At Spirus we are experts in setting surveys that get to the heart of your staff’s issues

– whether it be training needs, better communication from managers or flexible working. We carry out all the surveys over the telephone; a high quality call from one of our trained staff can elicit much more detailed answers than a tick-box online exercise.

Seeing your investment in a proper, anonymous survey makes staff feel valued and supported by their employers. This plays a major part in staff retention, which is a major issue in Cambridgeshire as businesses are often competing to keep their best staff from moving on when jobs are plentiful locally.

We work with you to create tailored surveys whose results will enable you to grow your business. And we give your staff the confidence of complete anonymity so that they can give open an honest feedback.

Other benefits of using an independent third party to conduct surveys, include:

  • We ask the questions you are afraid to ask your staff.
  • Spirus can design the survey with you to get to the heart of the topics that you want to cover.
  • Our expert in-house telemarketers have in-depth conversations and listen to your staff.
  • Ideal times to get feedback are when there has been a cultural or managerial shift, a merger – or a fresh start, such as the New Year.
  • All results are delivered in a word report including graphs summarising findings.
  • Spirus can arrange to incentivise participation or to thank your employees for their time to take part in the survey.


We recently carried out an employee survey for Midas Care. They said: “We found it very worthwhile using Spirus for the employee satisfaction survey. We received valued feedback from our staff, which we are in the process of sharing the findings with and are working on the next steps”.

For more information about high-quality employee engagement surveys, contact us on or 01638 741830.