Need to find some marketing motivation? We can help you re-energise this autumn.

If 2020 has been a bit much, we’re here to help inject a bit of energy into your autumn. We know it’s been a hard year, and people are facing challenges none of us had imagined just a few months ago.

It’s OK to ask for some help when you are overwhelmed or overloaded, and that extends to your marketing as well. For us, business is personal, and we can act as an extension of your team to fill in the gaps and kick-start your campaigns.

Targeted packages to get you back on track

It’s not enough to just have good intentions, and just thinking about marketing doesn’t make things happen. So let us do what we do best – the DOING!

We have put together some simple packages to help you get off the blocks and get things DONE.

Whether you need to boost your sales, jazz up your social media or revamp your marketing, we are here to help – just pick the packages that suit you and let us do the rest.

Our three-month marketing master plans will take you from post-summer slump to winter wonderful, and you will be free to focus on all the other things you need to do. All our packages are designed to be hard-hitting and highly targeted for maximum results in a short space of time.

Packages starts from just £499 +VAT per month for three months and you get to choose one per month from a selection of business development, content or social media options!

Re-Energise your Business

Perhaps you would like to get in touch with lapsed clients to see if they can become loyal customers again, or maybe you need some new sales calls or market research.

Our in house, talented and professional team can make contact for you. The business development options in this package cover all of these needs, from lead generation to customer satisfaction surveys.

We only operate in an ethical and legal way with our sales calls, so our work enhances your reputation: read our Ethical Telemarketers’ Charter.

Re-energise your Content

Content is crucial for so many reasons, but it’s all too easy to let it lapse when things get busy. Yet the content you use, whether we’re talking blogs, case studies, testimonials, press releases, white papers, social media, newsletters, e-shots or internal staff communications, is vital in developing your brand and reaching the right audience.

We can help you find the right stories to tell and the right platforms to tell them on. If you’re launching a new product, revamping your website or simply reconnecting with your customers, we’ve got the writers to win hearts and drive action.

Re-energise your Digital Marketing

AKA, get found by more people! Whether we’re talking social media or search engines, most searches for products or services start online these days. So if you’re not ranking high on those search engine results pages (SERPs) or saying the right things on your social channels, chances are you’re missing out on business.

We offer full website SEO assessment and recommendations packages to see how you’re performing and where you need to get to, as well as SEO optimisation strategy consultation and SEO-friendly content implementation packages to help you scale the SERPs and get found more often by the right people.

Or perhaps you would benefit from one of our social media support packages, from setting up multi-platform profiles to producing and running content on your behalf. Video, wording, digital graphics, templates and toolkits – whatever you need, we’ve got you covered.

Pick one of these activities per month from the list below:


New sales calls / Lapsed clients / Proposal follow-ups / Market research / Customer surveys


Blog / Case studies / Articles / Press releases / Testimonials / Content plan / Copy assessment / Website assessment and recommendation / Website copy


Social Media Set-up / Social Media Management / Website SEO assessment and recommendations / Content Strategy for SEO improvement / Digital Marketing collateral design and creation

*Terms and conditions apply

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NB: At Spirus you always know who you’re working with, because we deliver the work ourselves. We therefore have genuinely limited availability. So give us a call today to reserve your three month master plan today. (Customised marketing plans also available, so don’t be afraid to ask!)