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Telemarketing – at the heart of our agency

Telemarketing agency - at the heart of our agency

Telemarketing Agency Cambridge & Telesales Cambridge from Spirus

Choose Spirus, your telemarketing agency Cambridge, delivering telesales Cambridge with expertise and more importantly results. Telemarketing will bring you close to your customers. We believe creating an instant rapport with your customers and offering a friendly, targeted and ethical service will reap the rewards for your business. We aim to build long-term, valuable business relationships for you with your target customers using high quality calls.

Our telemarketers offer a personal touch and we are proud to run the service in house. This means the people making your calls will be someone you have met and someone who knows your business and your customers’ needs in depth.

At Spirus we are very proud of our ethical stance:

Read our Ethical Telemarketers’ Charter here

Speaking directly to your customers breaks down barriers to sales of which you may not have been aware. When we speak to a customer who doesn’t want to buy from you, we can find out why and address those needs.  It may be as simple as providing them with clarification or some more information about your business. Issues can be addressed far more quickly over the phone than in writing. It’s good to talk!

We are experts in this area, with more than 15 years’ experience at creating calls customers like. You won’t come across as pushy. But you will get those sales. People buy from people they know and like – that’s the secret of our success. We can call your clients or staff as an impartial third party which often provides you with more honest answers.  On the other hand we are happy to make the calls as part of your team. So whatever your telemarketing and telesales need, we have the solution.

Telemarketing services we provide:

  • New lead generation
  • Business development
  • Mystery shopping
  • Outstanding invoice collection
  • Market research
  • Surveys
  • Customer relationship management
  • CRM consultancy
  • Employee surveys
  • Appointment setting
  • Database cleansing
  • Competitor analysis
  • Opinion polls
  • Feedback


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